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Nov 29, 2012 10:00am EST
in a blue or red state or voted in an urban, suburban or rural prestinket, a dozen states including florida, pennsylvania, colorado, ohio, new york, massachusetts, wisconsin, south carolina, montana, tennessee, hawaii, arizona, rhode island and my own commonwealth of virginia encountered significant but avoidable barriers to casting their ballots. this is not a republican or a democratic problem. this is truly a national bipartisan challenge. it's not a crisis, and to quote president obama, it's one we have to fix. one that -- the senior citizen who may not have had the stamina to stand in line for five hours or the young working mom waiting to vote, worried about the fact that she won't get to the front of the line in time to pick up her kids at daycare. the experience of our constituents on election day amounts to a modern day poll tax on all americans that must be eliminated. 1 years after the 2000 presidential election exposed the deep structural problems that plague our decentralized voting system, our troubles appeared to have worsened, not improved. voting machines, malfunctioning ma
Nov 29, 2012 1:40am PST
scattered showers and central and southern florida. >> just shy of 80 in miami. 40s in the northeast. and midwest. mostly 50s in the northern rockies and pacific northwest. >>> well, thanksgiving was only a week ago. i'm still craving pumpkin pie. may as well be ancient history by now. it's clearly the christmas holiday season now and that's why this is our "favorite story of the day." ooh, wow -- we were almost -- >> we are all right. it features the unique sand christmas tree that is being constructed there in west palm beach, florida. the 35-foot sculpture is made, get this, from 400 tons of sand. >> yes. >> it included some lights. they say it is the tallest sand tree ever built. they expect that it will be in place for a month. it cost $48,000. but the city says that is about the same cost as an 18-minute fireworks display on july 4th. >> all right. see that's what i like to see. not being in the south anymore. i miss a warm holiday season. it doesn't have to be cold to feel authentic. but i miss that, really. sunshine. dude is wearing shorts. what i'm talking about. >> i couldn
Nov 29, 2012 7:00am EST
's got to stop. they're all doing it. and it's just major corruption. host: fran, jacksonville, florida. yes, we're listening. caller: oh, thank you. i was calling, wanted to know if i heard that excerpt from the wall street journal article correctly, that the president might be relenting on his pledge to not sign anything that didn't have that increase with the upper 1%. host: well, i think it's a little more nuanced than that. it says here again, here's the headline. obama is flexible of highest tax rates. and what it says is that it's not so much that he won't sign anything, it's more of how high the tax rates would go. so does that -- how do you see that? how do you reed that? caller: i would really be disappointed in that, because he's been fighting for that since the beginning. he relented a few years ago in order to save the unemployment insurance for the unemployed people and some other stipulations that were being held hostage by the g.o.p. but he doesn't have to do that any more. and right after he did that, they called that his tax breaks for the wealthy. and he absolutely di
Nov 29, 2012 7:00am PST
for the multi-state lottery. she is at florida lottery headquarters in tallahassee this morning. sue, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> so it's kind of a gloomy morning for people who are waking up today if they don't live in arizona or missouri. what more information can you tell us? can you narrow this down at all? >> unfortunately, what we do is the lotteries have secured procedures that they like to follow. and once arizona and missouri have done their steps that they need to, they'll be releasing the town and the retailer that they were purchased in. >> and we should mention, by the way, powerball tickets are not sold in every state, it could be possible that someone drove into arizona, for example, from california or nevada to buy a ticket, right? >> that's correct, especially in arizona. >> all right. so what are the logistics now? if you are the person out there and you've got that winning ticket or what you believe to be the winning ticket, what steps should you take immediately? >> the first thing you should do is sign the back of your ticket. because until you do th
Nov 29, 2012 3:00am PST
in inglewood florida. >> caller: hi. i've got a little different situation with that. i'm kind of looking forward to going over the cliff. >> bill: yeah? go ahead. >> caller: the reason that $2,000 would benefit me, not benefit me, have it taken away from me is i'm on social security anyway. if i have to -- if i get cut by $2,000 that puts me into a position where i would now be able to get food stamps. i would now be able to qualify for medicaid. >> bill: yeah, mar sharks i hear that but i think first of all, you're a minority. and secondly, you know, that is just going to cost the federal government more money so in the end, that's not the answer either. the answer is to give the middle class the tax cut that they deserve. and i think if enough people use the hash tag, we should get it done. hash tag my2k. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] on your radio and on current tv, this is the bill press show. >> welcome. >> this is june 11th, the full court press coming to you live from
Nov 29, 2012 1:00pm EST
from florida. mr. nugent: mr. speaker, and to my good friend from colorado, we agree on so many issues. particularly as it relates to immigration reform. we agree. i think this is the first step in regards to where we need to go. you have sold a very persuasive argument in regards to why it is so important so important that we have a stem vee is program. -- visa program. while it's important to us to keep that brainpower we educated in the united states, keep them here in this country to support our businesses, and our manufacturers so we can be more competitive on a global market, you have made my case on that. and i'll agree with you that this immigration system that we have is broken. i don't know -- i wasn't here two years ago or four years ago when the democrats were in power in both the house and senate and the presidency and they moved nothing forward that we're talking about today. disappointing when you have all the levers of government and don't accomplish anything as it relates to this. and now we want to turn around and say that this is a flawed bill. at the ent of the day
Nov 29, 2012 12:00pm EST
from florida. mr. nelson: mr. president, the chairman has asked me to manage the bill in the meantime while he is working out with the leadership a list of amendments, so seeing no other senator that wants to speak at this point, if i may then, i will talk about an amendment that would be offered in the future. mr. president, i'm going to offer an amendment to repeal the offset in the department of defense and the v.a. benefits for military widows and widowers the stand-alone bill, s. 260, has wide support from military organizations and has 51 cosponsors in the senate. this is the ninth time that i have and will bring this amendment to the defense authorization act, and it's passed the senate six times over the past decade, including last year by voice vote. the senate has supported eliminating this offset for years, and i hope that this body will remain steadfast in its support for military widows and the survivors. mr. president, you will recall in a number of addresses that president lincoln gave that he spoke of the responsibility that the government has to take care of the veter
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7